最新消息 PFC獨家防腐蝕技術


Winter time and the hazardous road conditions it creates, coupled with the chemicals used to combat those conditions, can be the worst enemies of your fleets braking systems. 

PFC is aware of and has the solutions to the corrosive effects of mother nature and the most common man-made deicing agents.

Our Industry leading Anti-Corrosion Technology will give you the piece of mind that your brakes are purpose built to fight the worst winter has to offer. 

Our pads and rotors have been proven to last up to six times longer than the competition in these harsh environments. 

Download our Anti-Corrosion flyer below to learn more.   



Our Anti-Corrosion coating not only covers the backing plate, it also covers the friction area that is not the mating face.

PFC's  patented Isolated tone ring not only fights signal loss, it also reduces heat transfer.

PFC Brakes is the #1 choice for motorsports, fleets, auto manufactures and first responders. 

PFC delivers the best brakes on the market guaranteed to outlast and outperform the competition. 

PFC Brakes are bred to win from the track to the jobsite!   

Excite the customer by exceeding their expectations, with the absolute best product, delivery, and value through a total commitment to product and process integrity…