最新消息 PFC BRAKES NEWS : F4 put the SPA in Spain

PFC BRAKES NEWS : F4 put the SPA in Spain

F4 put the SPA in Spain

The F4 SPAIN 2021 season has started at Spa-Francorchamps with 29 drivers, being probably the most competitive F4 championships around the World. Drivers represent 17 different countries including USA, UK, Spain, Mexico, France, Switzerland, Morocco, Portugal, Russia, Netherland, Ireland, Lithuania, Croatia, Hungary, Ukraine, Denmark and Italy. Teams such as MP Motorsport, Campos Racing, Jenzer Motorsport, Drivex, GRS Racing, Formula de Campeones, Pinnacle Motorsport and Teo Martin Motorsport.

PFC Brakes continue as the official brake supplier of the championship, now in its third year. All cars are equipped only by PFC. The championship will have seven different meetings with three races at each event.

The first winners and leaders are Dilano Van’t Hoff (Netherland), Josep María Martí (Spain) and Santiago Ramos (Mexico).

Click here for the complete results list, and here for the F4 Spain website.