產品介紹 PFC PFC brake pad compounds –Z-Rated

PFC brake pad compounds –Z-Rated


Z-Rated compound has been developed for fast road / track day applications. 


It provides more stopping power and increased fade resistance over the standard OE materials but retains

the good qualities of the road pad i.e.,low dusting and noise along with low wear rate.

• High performance compound, gained through competition pad developments

• Compound designed for low dusting qualities

• Several built-in noise suppression technologies

• Excellent disc conditioning, giving even transfer layer on disc to reduce uneven pad deposits.

Typical applications: This compound can be used in OE calipers or aftermarket brake kits in applications

where an increase in performance is required over the standard OE friction material.

Z-Rated 複合化合物已開發通用于道路/賽道日通用。它比標準 OE 材料更具有制動性和更強的抗褪色性,但保留了路基的優良品質,即低塵和噪音以及低磨損率。

• 通過競爭性來令片開發研究獲得高性能複合化合物材料,

• 專為低粉塵品質設計的化合物

• 多種內置雜訊抑制技術

• 出色的碟盤調節性能,使碟盤上的轉移層均勻,以減少不均勻的碟盤沉積。


靜音 – 在雜訊測試中,性能優於所有陶瓷和半金屬來令片,導致噪音停止率低於 1%。

更靈敏 – 專利碳纖化合物®來令片在整個工作溫度範圍內提供更大的制動效果。踏板更結實,反應更靈敏。

低粉塵 – 專利碳纖化合物®制動來令片含有零危險粉塵。

持續時間更長 –專利碳纖化合物®制動來令片具有更高的熱閾值,使其比任何其他半金屬或陶瓷制動來令片更耐磨。這可改善制動來令片和制動碟盤的使用壽命。

專利碳纖化合物®技術多層技術™消除 噪音。

FEA 設計倒角 – 消除噪音,實現更平穩的驅動和更堅定的踏板。


耐溫式音靜 + 最終雜訊屏障。不會隨著溫度而變質。

專利粉末塗層 – 減少腐蝕並延長來令片使用壽命。

鐳射衍射技術 – 測量原材料顆粒大小,確保 顆粒結構和密度完美一致。

Quieter – Outperforms all ceramic and semi-metallic pads in noise tests resulting in less than 1% noisy stops.

Quicker – CarbonMetallic® pads deliver more stopping power throughout

the operating temperature range. Firmer and more responsive pedal.

Lower Dust – CarbonMetallic® brake pads contain ZERO hazardous dust.

Last much longer – CarbonMetallic® brake pads have a higher thermal threshold making

them more resistant to wear than any other semi-metallic or

ceramic pads during temperature range testing. This results in better brake pad and disc life.

CarbonMetallic® Technology

Multi-Layer Technology™  – Eliminates noise.

FEA Designed Chamfer – Eliminates noise and allows for smoother actuation and a firmer pedal.

IONIC FUSION™ – No pad separation.

Temperature-resistant shims – Final noise barrier. Does not deteriorate with temperature.

Patented powder coating – Reduces corrosion and extends pad life.

Laser Diffraction Technology – Measures raw material particle size to ensure perfectly

consistent particle structure & density.

請注意! 嚴禁使用鐵粉去除劑,這將使來令片發生異常磨損,如要清洗鋁圈,也請注意別噴灑到碟盤上