產品介紹 TAROX G88碟盤



In 1983 we manufactured the world’s first ever grooved brake disc,which has since been developed into the range of styles that we offer today.

Every one of our discs is manufactured from the highest quality casts andsteel billets before being heat treated and balanced by hand for the smoothest possible surface.

The G88 is the most unique of our brake discs and unmistakably TAROX. The reason for this unique appearance is the custom built machinery, designed and made by TAROX to ensure the grooves on the G88 are like no other.

The G88’s grooves feature an edge to edge design, ensuring absolute maximum dissipation of heat, while incorporating a chamfered leading edge, which ensures that the life of the brake pad is not decreased.

The unique grooves allow the G88 to run cooler than any other performance brake disc tested against it. Its unique looks and unrivalled performance on the road have led it to be a firm favourite for street tuning since its conception in 1988.

As with all of the TAROX performance disc range, the G88 only uses the highest quality European high carbon TUV approved castings and features the unique TAROX finishing processes of heat treatment for strength and durability, hand finished balancing for a perfectly flat surface allowing for easy bedding-in and a perfect contact patch for maximum braking efficiency and a final, anti-rust treatment.

  • Every blank cast passes stringent quality controls
  • Precision facing by CNC turning machines and TAROX built machinery
  • Perfectly level surface machined to a tolerance approaching 0.015mm
  • Ground individually by a specialised operator, resulting in that distinctive shine
  • Structural stress relieving heat treatment at the end of each machining phase







  • 每個碟盤都通過了嚴格的質量控制
  • 通過數控車床和TAROX內置機械進行精密加工
  • 完美平整表面加工到接近0.015mm的公差
  • 由專業操作員單獨研磨,產生獨特的光澤
  • 在每個加工階段結束時結構應力消除熱處理