產品介紹 系列名稱 AST 5300 Series

AST 5300 Series



為了獲得最佳表現,AST Suspension設計了3向可調競技用避震系統。 5300在伸側的部份擁有12段調整可以回彈速度。

在縮側的部份 分高速與低速閥門

結合多年的 技術 測試 經驗,在彈簧的選擇和相應的阻尼特性之間創造了完美的平衡。這使得它成為每個客戶適用的產品。


所有的這一切讓5300系列減震器ㄧ次又一次成為許多賽事冠軍得主所使用的懸吊系統。 AST 5300 Suspension在全球許多賽事以其各個層面表現優良並穩定而聞。


  • 5300是ㄧ款頂級規格的避震系統,容易調整 不管是在賽道或街道使用 
  • 反彈(12段)和壓縮分高(12段)低速(14段)可調(3Way),外掛氮氣瓶。氣瓶可以提供額外的性能,有更好的散熱及更多的阻尼油和氮氣容量。
  • 44.5mm直徑的避震器軸芯被倒置並提供優異的強度,當在彎道裡或重煞車時 提供了更好的懸吊幾何形狀,不管是在賽道或街道上。
  • 所有AST阻尼器上都有新的低摩擦密封組件。
  • 工廠組裝 出廠時含前後鋁合金魚眼上座 。部分車重後軸為一體式彈簧設計。


Competition 3-Way (5300 Series)

For the best performance on the track, AST Suspension designed the Competition 3-way adjustable series.
The 5300 Series shock absorbers are rebound adjustable in 12 positions on the strut.
The highspeed compression is adjustable in 12 positions and the lowspeed compression is adjustable in 14
positions. Both compression adjustments are made using an external canister. All adjusters work completely

Many years of technical knowledge, testing and experience has been refined, fettled and brought together
to create a perfect balance between the choice of springs and the corresponding damping characteristics.
This makes it a versatile product for every customer. The 5300 series shock absorbers are the best solution
for every race team. Once installed te scock absorbers are easy to setup, highly reliable and require low
maintenance during the season because of the high grade of materials used.
All of this together makes the 5300 series shock absorbers a championship winning damper, over and over
again. The AST 5300 Suspension is worldwide renowned for its performance at every level.

Technical specifications:

High end, track ready suspension.
• Rebound, Low & Hi Speed Compression Adjustable (‘Triples’), with a remote reservoir.
• Remote reservoirs allow additional travel, heat dissipation and oil/nitrogen gas capacity.
• 44.5mm diameter shaft struts are inverted and offer exceptional strength, which in turn reduces geometry
change under corner and braking monoevers.
• Aluminum cylinder, threaded body shocks, factory mounting style.
• New low friction seal on all AST dampings.
• Spherical lower ‘’eye’’ shock mounts.
• Reservoir with hose or piggyback (piggyback examples: ‘08 STI & BMW E36 rears).
• Spherical upper shock mount assemblies.
• Synthetic hydraulic fluid.
• Optional DLC Coated 44,5mm inverted shafts.
• Optional DDP piston (double digressive).
• Fully serviceable and rebuildable.
• Revalvable for specific characteristics.


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