產品介紹 系列名稱 AST 2000 Series

AST 2000 Series



AST 2000系列,是為了更廣氾的客戶需求所設計開發的產品。該系列設計是針對想要兼顧、舒適、美觀、操控而開發的產品。2000系列採副筒式設計固定式阻尼(軟硬不可調),其性能達到AST高規格的品質要求。為了兼顧美觀與實用 2000系列搭配了高底可調的彈簧調整平台可降低車身30mm-60mmm,搭配原廠彈簧上蓋及上座設計 減少異音的產生跟安裝的便利性 。AST 2000系列 非常適合為了美觀想降低車身又想保有舒適性的車友使用。

With the 2000 series AST wants to offer a product for a new type of customer. This series is specially setup for tuners and show cars. The performance is up to the AST specifications as far as this is possible for a twin tube system. They are equipped with a fixed damping rate. By doing this we were able to design the shock for a different market.

With the development  we really looked at the 4100 series shimstack in order to match these setups. The shocks offer a minimum lowering of 30mm. We have formed springs for most applications, this results in a perfect fitment without need for special spring platforms. This also keeps the noise down to a minimum and makes fitment with OEM top mounts very easy.

Our adjustable platforms are anodized in the well known orange AST color.

*Actual product may vary, sample image only.


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