產品介紹 系列名稱 Sport Japan碟盤

Sport Japan碟盤


In 1983 we manufactured the world’s first ever grooved brake disc,which has since been developed into the range of styles that we offer today.

Every one of our discs is manufactured from the highest quality casts andsteel billets before being heat treated and balanced by hand for the smoothest possible surface.

As the name implies the Sport Japan was originally designed for the Japanese market, where performance and tough looks are essential.

Sport Japan discs are one of the only aftermarket performance discs to still feature fully drilled holes, which is one of the most effective ways of venting hot gases from the brake surface. Although effective, this is an aggressive method of dissipating heat. To ensure ultimate performance and durability all Sport Japan discs feature countersunk holes strategically placed in order not to affect the discs structural integrity. This method is much more effective than a dimple, as the gas actually leaves the discs surface into the ventilation channels in the disc centre and away from the disc surface, ensuring the disc runs cooler for longer.

An additional 6 grooves on the braking surface act like a wiper, keeping the brake pad from glazing and removing excess dust while providing additional cooling. All Sport Japan discs are made from the highest quality high carbon TUV approved castings, and feature our unique finishing processes of heat treatment for strength and durability, perfect final balancing to within 0.01mm for a perfect contact patch and quick bedding-in and a final, anti-rust treatment.

  • Every blank cast passes stringent quality controls
  • Precision facing by CNC turning machines and TAROX built machinery
  • Perfectly level surface machined to a tolerance approaching 0.015mm
  • Ground individually by a specialised operator, resulting in that distinctive shine
  • Structural stress relieving heat treatment at the end of each machining phase



顧名思義,Sport Japan最初是為日本市場設計的,其性能和堅韌外觀是非常重要的。

日本運動型碟片是唯一具有完全鑽孔的售後性能碟片之一,這是從碟盤表面排出熱氣體的最有效方法之一。雖然有效,但這是一種積極的散熱方法。為確保最佳性能和耐用性,所有Sport Japan碟盤都採用了專門設置的埋頭孔,以免影響碟盤的結構完整性。這種方法比凹坑更有效,因為氣體實際上將碟盤表面留在圓盤中心的通風通道中並遠離碟盤表面,從而確保碟盤更長時間地運行。

碟盤面上另外6個凹槽的作用類似於刮水器,可防止制動襯墊上釉並去除多餘灰塵,同時提供額外的冷卻效果。所有Sport Japan碟盤均採用最高品質的高碳TUV認證鑄件製造,並採用我們獨特的熱處理精加工工藝,強度和耐用性,完美的最終平衡至0.01mm以內,可實現完美的接觸面,防銹處理。

  • 每個碟盤都通過了嚴格的質量控制
  • 通過數控車床和TAROX內置機械進行精密加工
  • 完美平整表面加工到接近0.015mm的公差
  • 由專業操作員單獨研磨,產生獨特的光澤
  • 在每個加工階段結束時結構應力消除熱處理