產品介紹 系列名稱 Lowering Spring

Lowering Spring


AST Lowering Spring Series 

Less Body Roll
AST suspension lowering springs will lower that center of gravity without giving in a lot of the comfort you are used to with the OEM springs. The lowering springs are a direct replacement of the OEM springs and have been developed especially for each vehicle specific. Made out of the best material on the best Wafios coiling machines available.

Developed and tested to work flawless with stock dampers

Progressive design for the best lowering vs performance
Over 2500 different applications

Lowering from 20mm to 60mm

starting from 1966 to now

Cold coiled

AST 降低彈簧系列
AST降低彈簧套件能將車輛重心降低並賦予車輛更好的操控性,同時擁有比OEM彈簧帶來更佳的舒適感,AST降低彈簧是OEM彈簧的直接替代產品,特別針對專屬車種開發,使用頂級Wafios彈簧成型機搭配獨家專屬材料冷捲製成,經過專業開發和嚴苛測試,可與ㄧ般OE.OEM 阻尼器完美結合,使用漸進式設計可最佳化降低後的性能表現及舒適度,對應超過2500種不同的專屬車種使用

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