產品介紹 系列名稱 AST 4100 Series

AST 4100 Series



單筒式設計阻尼器性能 比副筒式設計更好,高壓氮氣由浮動活塞隔開,高壓氮氣會消除油室內的氣泡並幫助散熱,4100系列阻尼器可用旋鈕調節回彈,彈簧調整平台可讓用戶調整車身高度。AST Suspension是專門設計即使是較低的行駛高度,也能讓阻尼器保有最大的作動行程,筒身內壁已進行KTL塗層,非常耐磨。


單筒設計對性能極為重要,阻尼油和高壓氮氣由浮動活塞隔開,可以使用更大的活塞 並且讓活塞作動更加穩定,增加駕駛人感受到阻尼器的性能和靈敏度,所有效能加在一起而產生更多的抓地力,車輛反饋給駕駛更多穩定性及更廣泛的操控極限。




  • 採用高壓氮氣的浮動式活塞設計可消除油室內的氣泡。

  • 非倒置的22mm / 14mm直徑的軸支柱。

  • 非倒置的鋼製筒身。

  • 可調整回彈阻尼。

  • 使用低摩擦密封組件。

  • 調節旋鈕永久安裝在阻尼器上,無需特殊工具。

  • 強化的筒身支架橡膠襯套。

  • 可選配鋁合金上座。

  • 可選配DDP活塞(雙活塞)。

  • 可選配訂製閥門

  • 可重建及維修

  • 一年保固(嚴禁賽道使用)


  • The 4100 Series shock absorbers utilise high performance monotube technology:

  • Monotube design shocks absorbers gives your car a better performance than the standard twin tube design, the gas pressure is separated by a floating piston and eliminates cavitation and airation within the oil chamber.
  • The 4100 series shocks allow rebound adjustment with one knob.
  • The adjust platform allows the use to adjust the ride height of your car.
  • AST suspension shock bodies are specially designed to keep maximum stroke, even with a lower ride height and are finished with a KTL coating for an extremely hardwearing finish.
  • How a Monotube design works?

    Monotube design is essential for performance. The oil and nitrogen are separated by a floating piston, and allows the use of a larger piston, increasing the damper performance and sensitivity felt by the driver, all this added together produces more grip, gives more control and driver feedback from your vehicle.

    What is a rebound adjustment?

    Rebound controls the rate of extension of your shock absorber. By changing the rebound you can directly change the characteristics of the vehicle.

  • Technical specifications:

  • Floating piston design with high pressure nitrogen eliminates cavitation around the piston.
  • 22mm / 14mm diameter shaft struts, non-inverted.
  • Steel cylinder body shocks, non-inverted.
  • Rebound adjustable (''Singles'').

  • Low friction seal.
  • Adjuster knobs permanently mounted on the dampers, no need for special tools.
  • Rubber bushings for ''eye'' shock mounts.
  • Optional spherical top mounts.
  • Optional DDP piston (double digressive).
  • Rebuildable and fully serviceable.
  • Optional custom valving.
  • *Actual product may vary, sample image only.


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