產品介紹 系列名稱 PFC brake pad compounds –01

PFC brake pad compounds –01


01 race compound is one of the most accepted in the PFC’s arsenal,

and has become the standard by which all brake pads are judged.

01 has good initial bite, with very little torque rise with temperature.

At the end of the stop, 01 compound has less torque scatter than the competition

for improved modulation with excellent release. 01 compound has good disc

conditioning properties with low wear. 01 compound is one of PFC’s most popular

race compounds, and wins more

World and National championships annually than any other brake pad on the market.

In many applications if 01 is not available, 11 will replace it.


Applications: Touring car, TCR, NASCAR, Formula, Rally, Trackday. First choice for a fade-resistant pad.

Sprint compound comparison chart

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