產品介紹 AST AST 5200 Series

AST 5200 Series



5200 系列是基於與3-way 調節避震器競爭而設計的2-way 調節避震器「雙向伸縮側可調」。5200避震器可調節壓縮和回彈。






  • 容易調整,適用於街道及賽道
  • 可升級至5300系列(3way)
  • 反彈和壓縮可調(2Way),外掛氮氣瓶。氣瓶可以提供額外的性能,有更好的散熱及更多的阻尼油和氮氣容量
  • 倒置的直徑44.5mm避震器軸芯,提供了優質的強度,不管是在賽道或街道上,在彎道裡或重煞車時,提供了更好的懸吊幾何形狀
  • 工廠組裝;出廠時含前後鋁合金魚眼上座,部分車重後軸為一體式彈簧設計。
  • 所有AST避震器上都有新的低摩擦密封組件
  • 可選配DLC(類鑽碳)塗層軸
  • 可選DDP活塞(雙活塞)
  • 可維修及重建
  • 可選訂制閥門
  • 一年保固(嚴禁賽道使用)
  • 賽道使用只提供保修服務

Club Sport (5200 Series)

The 5200 Series are 2-way adjustable shock absorbers which are based upon competition 3-way adjustable
shock absorbers. The 5200 shock absorbers are adjustable in compression and rebound.
The design of the compression adjuster is an evolution of the compression adjuster we provided for the
American Grand-Am series for the last few years. The 5200 shock absorbers were designed to achieve a
quick and easy set up, allowing separate adjustment of compression and rebound.
In the 5200 Series AST uses an external canister. Throughout testing and competitions, the 5200 has been
praised for its performance and capabilities, surpassing other major, more expensive brands and setting a
new standard of 2 way damper. Its no surprise that the 5200 is fast becoming a favorite damper amongst
race teams and track day enthusiasts world wide.

Technical specifications:

• High end, track ready suspension that is totally streetable.
• Fully upgradeable to 5300 spec.
• Rebound and Compression Adjustable (‘Doubles’), with a remote reservoir.
• Remote reservoirs allow additional travel, heat dissipation and increased oil/ nitrogen gas capacity.
• 44.5mm diameter shaft struts are inverted and offer exceptional strength, which in turn reduces
geometrychange under corner and braking monoevers.
• Aluminum cylinder, threaded body shocks, factory mounting style.
• New low friction seal on all AST dampings.
• Spherical lower ‘’eye’’ shock mounts.
• Reservoir with hose or piggyback (piggyback examples: ‘08 STI & BMW E36 rears).
• Spherical upper shock mount assemblies.
• Synthetic hydraulic fluid.
• Optional DLC Coated shafts.
• Optional DDP piston (double digressive).
• Fully service and rebuildable.
• Revalvable for specific characteristics.


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